Modern day farming calls for farmers to be technologically advanced in the way they farm. Today agricultural technology has developed, and each day they are new and better way to make farming more efficient. One of the common problem that livestock farmers face is food security. With the unpredictability of weather patterns this day it is tough for you as a farmer to have sufficient food for your livestock without taking necessary measures to ensure this. One of the ways that farmers make sure that their animals have all year supply of food is through silage storage.

Silage has to be stored the right way for it to withstand weather conditions and stay in the perfect circumstances for more extended periods of time. There are several ways that farmers save there silage. However one of the best ways is by using silage wrap film. Silage wrap is an agricultural film that you can use in your farmland to protect and store your hay, forage, maize and silage in an area where the growth period of the herding grass is shorter than others.

The properties of silage wraps that make them efficient to store food are that they offer high resistance to perforation. It enables the film to be able to withstand piercing or being torn by dry stalks and bent corners of square bales. Also, this silage wrap offers UV protection which can last for about one year. It helps to maintain the colour of the silage as well as to preserve it in excellent condition. This silage wraps more so can be used in bale wrappers for both round and square bales. In addition to this silage, films are also resistant to weathering meaning that they last longer. Most of them come in either green, black or white colours

There are many advantages that you as a farmer can attain from using silage wraps such as maintaining the nutritional value of the silage. It is critical since most stored food tend to lose nutritional value after being stored for some time. However, this is not the case when you use silage wrap film to store your silage. Also, these films help the farmer to save both time and cost. It’s because a lot of food will not be damaged during storage and it is much easier to gather the silage since it is held together.

When buying silage wraps, look for the following specifications. They should be UV stabilised meaning that it will protect you silage from harmful UV rays. The thickness should vary from 25-150 micron, and the length is usually 1500/1800 m. As a farmer, it is vital that you invest in a silage wrap to protect your food.