Custom Paint Jobs (Customer Furnished Lure) $12.00 each
Lures over 7" long and all Jointer Swim Baits $20.00 each
(Please remove all hooks, rings, and hardware when furnishing your own lures)
Custom Painted Lure Complete (Lure supplied by us)
Rogues, Bandits, Normans, Wiggle Warts, Fat Free Shad, Rat L' Traps, Pop R's, Strike King, Bomber, Zara Spooks, Topwaters, ETC... $16.00 each
Rapala Lures ( DT Series, Shad Raps, Husky Jerks, Slash Baits) $18.00 each
Luck Craft Pointers (78 Series, 100 Series, 128 Series) $25.00 each
Luck Craft Crank Baits $30.00 each
Shipping Charges:
(1-12 Lures $6.00)
(13-24 Lures $7.00)
 (25-36 Lures $8.00)
 (37-48 Lures $10.00)
Shipping of larger lures such as California Swim Baits may vary in shipping costs.
Please call 262-966-2627 for details
16 weeks minimum for completion, Spinner Baits and Jigs ship within 4-5 business days
Sorry No COD's or Credit Cards accepted. Make checks and money orders payable to Dale Sellers