Each lure is hand painted using the finest acrylic lacquers and alcohol-based paints available, then custom finished with a high-tech, super-tough clear coat for our legendary "foot-deep" shine. If you don't see the color you want, or if you have a favorite color you want on another lure, we'll paint it to your exact specifications.

Custom Painted Baits
(Rogues, Crankbaits & Topwaters)

Buffy Special (Chartreuse sides/Pearl Purple back/multiflake) -- Our biggest tournament winner! Awesome on Rogues!

Bleeding Buffy (same as above w/ Red hash marks/no flake) -- Featured in Bassmaster Magazine! Another killer Rogue finish!

Snow White and the 7 Buffies (Pearl White sides/Orange & Chartreuse belly/Red hash marks) -- Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to fish we go!

Yellow Tail Shad (Gold glimmer body/Pearl blue scales/Pearl blue stripe on back/Chartreuse tail) Secret color of Pick Wick River Rats…A real Smallmouth Killer!

Blue Nose Bob (Pearl White body/Blue accents/Green Crystal flake) - Draws savage strikes from monster bass. Especially deadly in cold, clear water.

Buffy Ogr. Belly (Chartreuse sides/Pearl Purple back/Orange Belly) - Lake Barkley Special!

Neon Leon (Pearl White body/Chartreuse line on side/Blue Pearl scales/Black back/Chrome Purple) -- Flashes like the exhaust pipe of a Harley, and just as hot!

Calif. Craw

Calif. Craw II

Calif. Craw III Rev.

Glimmer Back

Baby Bass

Miss Piggy

Melon Craw

Blue Gill


Chartreuse/Rootbeer Splatter

Chicken Little

Blue Phantom Craw

Grapevine Shad

Andy's Ozark Shad (Glimmer Gold body/Weird Blue back) - Believe it or not, a bunch of money has been won on this off-the-wall color! Awesome on Jerk baits!

Arkansas Shad (Glimmer Gold body/Bass Green back/Purple Flash/Chartreuse & Orange Sunburst accents) -- No "Slick Willy" b.s. here; this color really works! Hillary hates it!

Bagley Special (Blue Glimmer body/Chartreuse back/Faded Black horizontal lines on side) -- Our custom twist on a time-honored classic. Try to find this color anywhere else!

Commie Red Shad (Glimmer Green sides/Black back/Rosy red scales) - Bass will knock down the Berlin Wall to grab this one!

Green Shad (Green Glimmer body/Green Pearl scales/Black back) - A real slimeball, this one will swim through the back door to put a mojo on Momma Hawg!

Ol' Poison (Chrome sides/Purple back/Black stripe/Chartreuse & Orange Sunburst accents) - Deadly as Tennessee moonshine! Keep out of the reach of children!

Mississippi Noodle Scrubber (Khaki Gold Glimmer body/Black back with Green edges/Orange accents) - Looks like a gnarly ol' river shad that made a wrong turn off Highway 61! If Blind Lemon Jefferson could see to fish, he'd use this color!

Bunyette-Copperhead (Tan and brown body/Orange belly/Battered scale pattern --- looks like part of its missing! Great Crawfish color! Really makes the water boil!

Citrus Bunyette (Pearl body/Lime battered scale, looks part of its missing pattern/Blue back/Chartreuse belly -! A Juicy color!

Louisiana Shad (Pearl White body/Greenish Gold side/Silver scales/Black back/Chartreuse & Orange Sunburst accents) - Catches more bass than a Cajun poacher! Born on the bayou, but works anywhere!

Hot Mustard (Chartreuse body/Brown back/Orange accents) - Sizzles in murky water!

Fido (Glimmer Gold body/Clear yellow & Green sides/Black back/Chartreuse Orange belly/Black spots/Gold flake) - An extreme coach dog pattern that bites hard and won't let go!

Smokey Blue Shad (Silver White Pearl body/Smokey Blue-Black with Black stripe) - Where there's smoke there's fire!

Citrus Shad (Pearl White body w/ Lime scales/Blue back/Chartreuse belly w/ Orange accents) - Bass will overdose on Vitamin C when they eat this one!

Sylvester (Black back/White tum-tum) - Same color as my puddytat, and just as mean! Purr-fectly marvelous!

Red Chrome (Red chrome body/Black back) - More red flash than a police car!

Norman Flake (Pearl White sides/Gray back/Purple scales/Violet Crystal flake) - Deadly in clear water!

Ghost Shiners (Semi Clear Bodies) [Top] - Smokey Blue/Silver-white glimmer body/Pearl blue back/Black stripe; [Bottom] Gold Shiner/Blue glimmer body/Pear gold back/Bass green stripe) - Won't spook the big'uns!!

Rainbow (Rainbow Trout pattern) - Great jerk bait color for Dale Hollow or any lake where bass feed on Trout!

Ozark Shad II (Glimmer Gold body w/Chartreuse line on sides/Weird Blue back) - The Pro's love this one for clear water lakes!

Texas Craw (Metallic Red sides/Black craw pattern) - Your best bet for BIG spring bass! A Texas favorite!


Special Zara Spook Colors

Each color pattern has a Transparent bottom half and Scaled back with black stripe. Scales are visible from bottom of lure.

Pearl Blue (Clear body w/ Pearl blue scales/Black stripe on back/Blue crystal flake)

Pearl Gold (Clear body w/ Pearl gold scales/Black stripe on back/Gold crystal flake)

Pearl Green - aka Coke Bottle (Clear body w/ Pearl green scales/Black stripe on back/Green crystal flake)

Pearl Purple (Clear body w/ Pearl purple scales/Black stripe on back/Violet crystal flake)

Lake Mead Special

Ozark Shad/Clear