Pergolas can make your backyard look gorgeous. However since you will spend a lot of money and time to get the pergola installed, you must ensure that you have the best plans to follow. First, you need to choose a pergola design that will complement your backyard and the overall landscape. If you are unsure which pergola plan will do best on your property, then read below and find some pergola plans currently available in the market.

When looking for the best pergola for your backyard, you will come across many pergola designs. Some are more popular than the others. Sometimes, homeowners will look for pergolas Adelaide that will add beauty to their yard. A standalone pergola will help you create a patio-like area in your yard. It can as well act as a partition between the partition and the remaining part of your yard. You can as well furnish it to add more beauty.

Pergolas have two categories based on the position where it’s installed. We have the entryway and the walkway pergolas. An entryway pergola sometimes appears like a big arbour. Usually, it is used to create a fascinating visual transition within the yard. They are more attractive and can be great alternatives to the fence gates. If you further want to enhance the look of your entryway pergola, you can make use of climbing plants such as vine or roses and decorate it.

The basic features of a walkway pergola are similar to that of an entryway pergola. However, unlike the entryway pergola installed near the door, a walkway pergola is installed along a path within the yard or sidewalk. Some people use them to add drama on their yard. Others use them to create functional coverings for gardens, pools, or garage walks.

Besides deciding on the type of pergola you want, there are other factors that you need to consider. Read more to know some of this factors.

The Size

You will need to decide on how much area you can allocate for your pergola building project. Remember that as you choose the size, the cost of building a pergola is directly proportional to its size. It means that besides the availability of space, your budget will be a primary factor in deciding the size of your pergola.


Like the size, the material used to build pergolas Adelaide also has a significant impact on the budget. If you are ready to make a considerable amount of investment, you should consider using quality wood. The most common type of timber when it comes to building pergolas is cedar. However, if you’re on a budget, you can use vinyl. Also, if you’re planning a small pergola building project, you can purchase aluminium pergolas.